Management services for the following building categories are offered:        
  • Retail Buildings 
  • Business and Professional Office Buildings
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Financial Facilities 


    We effectively and efficiently serve our clients from the conceptual phase of a project all the way through to completion/occupancy. In this way, the client's needs are handled more economically and provide a single source for project responsibility with regard to budget maintenance, contract adherence and project control. In using this method we are able to provide budget estimates early, offer alternatives, trade-off analysis and as the design progresses, to effect maximum project interest, thus ensuring competitive subcontractor participation. This process affords effective organization, mobilization of resources and execution of functions in a timely manner throughout the construction phases.
This total process is accomplished by using the following methods and techniques:
  • Conceptual Estimating and Cost Comparison
  • Methods Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Planning and Scheduling Control

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